Random Thoughts

I am feeling abnormally positive and quite happy these days. Its funny how daily moderate exercise can make you feel better emotionally. I’m only on day three and I’m already feeling better. Let’s be clear, I don’t go for a five-minute stroll down the road and back. I’m walking about 13km (20000 steps) a day and then doing a bit of weight training after. So, I am not doing the bare minimum which is a huge mistake most people do and then give up because it’s not working. I am pushing myself. If I start to feel tired I visualize the outcome of my progress and I keep going. Listening to music does help a great deal and is very motivating. If you had to ask most people who saw me on my walk they would tell you that I seem to always be smiling while I’m walking. That is because of my heart rate is in fat-burning mode and the endorphins are making me feel fantastic. This is also a very good time to use the law of attraction because it’s mostly about how you feel. I use this time to visualize the things I want to draw into my life as if it were already happening.

I do feel a bit exhausted today because walking for two and a half hours mostly uphill can be extremely exhausting and my feet are aching but to me pain is a good sign that means I’m doing it right and I am super proud of myself for doing it. To be honest, I cannot wait for my walk later this afternoon. The reason I wait until later is because it’s just too hot during the day and I don’t think its good to dehydrate myself when I don’t need to. It’s also a good time for snapshots because that is when the swans and ducks get out of the water and they are so cute.

Have a wonderful day!

Published by Gemini

Welcome to my life! I am just an ordinary girl in the world. I am here to express myself as best I can so that the world has a better understanding of me. My name is Janine. I grew up with social anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. I have overcome obstacles so high they should have been impossible. I am still here. I am still recovering. I am still learning.

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